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31 March

Hämeenkatu 25, Tampere http://www.tanssiteatterimd.fi/ Loopit is choreographer Tero Saarinen’s 20th anniversary gift to Tampere-based Dance Theatre MD. The intimate and experimental limited-audience piece examines the relationship between a dance performer and an audience while exploring the performance space itself.

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Mediapolis live: Where is VR now? -conference

Everybody is talking about virtual reality but how real is it really today? MEDIAPOLIS LIVE will explore the contemporary state of VR due to practitioners from different industrial fields. We will hear and see stories with concrete examples from content creators, tech developers and business people. How much can we really exploit VR reality now? Who are the users of VR? What are the business opportunities? How should different sectors work together? What are lessons learnt for building the future of VR?  Read more